An island with more churches than houses, spectacular views, white-washed buildings, and the famous blue domes. That’s Santorini, a magical destination! Also known for the most romantic sunsets in the world. I was fortuned to visit this beautiful island in Greece and witness the beauty with my own eyes.

Wondering about what you could do in Santorini? Keep on reading my beautiful friends!

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Stay in famous Oia

Yes, Oia is known as the most popular sunset destination in the world. But it’s just as wonderful during the daytime. Explore the cute alleys, go shopping and be prepared to fill your camera’s memory card with tons of beautiful photos. This is one of Santorini’s most photogenic spots!

I advise you to stay a couple of nights in Oia (if your wallet lets you) because there is nothing better than getting up in the morning hours and witness the beauty of Oia before it gets too crowded. Having breakfast with the most famous background is a memory that you’ll never forget in your life!

Santorini girl posing near the blue domes
Santorini during sunset. in Greece.
Having breakfast in Santorini with palms on the background.


Make amazing photos!

Santorini has a lot to offer when it comes to picturesque places. Literally every corner is amazingly beautiful, cute and dreamy. So of course, one of my main goals was to make beautiful photos. I mean, it’s almost impossible for one to not take any pictures! Santorini is really a photographer’s dream come true. I will definitely make another blog post about all the best photo spots on this Island.

Posing in front of the pink houses in Oia Santorini
girl in front of the famous oui pink houses


Explore the island!

Santorini isn’t a big island. It’s actually very small. On the East Coast, you’ll find beach resorts and cheaper hotels. On the West Coast, you’ll find the famous cliffs and white buildings.

We decided to rent a car to explore the island. We drove around and visited two famous beaches. The red beach and the black sandy beach. Both unique in different kinds of ways. It was a nice experience to walk on black volcano sand. The contrast between the sand and the water is also very unique.


Visit the volcano

Did you know that Santorini was formed by an eruption? The island group of Santorini is the most well-known and active volcanic center of the Hellenic Volcanic Arc in the south Aegean Sea. The volcano can be visited during your stay.

We didn’t want to leave before checking ‘visiting a volcano’ off of our bucket list. So that’s what we did! We booked an excursion for around €20,- pp and visited the volcano. It was such a unique and interesting experience. Be prepared to walk a lot!! The hike from the boat to the top of the volcano is not easy. But the view is absolutely amazing so it’s worth it. In the picture on the left, you can see the crater. It looks small until you compare it to the people you see in the background. We even saw smoke coming out of the crater. So cool!


Take a sunset cruise

What better way to explore the island of Santorini than on a catamaran? We booked a semi-private Catamaran cruise with Spiridakos Sailing Cruises. Five hours of pure magic. Moments I will never forget. A minivan picks you up from your hotel and provides you with snorkeling equipment, towels, drinks and dinner onboard (also vegetarian options). Throughout the day, we stopped at different swimming locations. We also stopped at the hot springs, near the volcano. And ended the cruise with a sunset. We paid around €90,- pp and it was worth all the money!

The views you will have on this trip are breathtakingly beautiful! This sailing cruise was an excellent experience and one to remember forever! This was definitely the highlight of our trip! The crew, the views, the food everything was amazing! If I had to choose one thing to do in Santorini I would choose to go on a catamaran cruise!


Have an ice cream at Lolita Gelato

I heard a lot of people saying that Lolita Gelato has the best ice cream in the world. I was very doubtful about it. I though ice is ice, right? I mean what can there be so amazing about ice cream. Even though I didn’t believe it I still decided to give it a try and see why a lot of people are sooo exaggerating about it.

So I bought a pistachio flavored ice cream. After I tried it I couldn’t believe it. Omg, this ice was amazing!! I never had any ice cream that tasted like this in my life. It was so creamy and yummy!! So, of course, we came back a couple of times to buy to enjoy it again before we leave. This one had to be on my list of things you MUST do when in Santorini. You won’t regret it!

I hope you consider the things written above when you’re in Santorini! There are a lot of other things that you can do, but these are the things I definitely recommend to everyone.

Please let me know in the comments if these recommendations were helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask me!